Electric Bike Services and Battery Testing


E-Bikes don't have to be mysterious! We are equipped to install a custom e-bike kit, test your lithium-ion battery, or service your Bosch, Giant (Yamaha), Shimano STePs, and Bionx systems. Please don't hesitate to contact us if you'd like to know more about our e-bike testing, or are just curious about all of the different options on the market today. Our services include:


E-Bike Kit Installation:

  • Basic Installation $175
  • Custom installations start at $275
  • Shrink Wrap Upgrade $50
  • Cable Length Increase $10 per pin on connector 


E-Bike Diagnostic Services ($75/hour):

  • brushless motor test
  • controller test
  • continuity test
  • connector replacement
  • repair part install


OEM System Check & Update ($20, includes diagnostic printout):

  • Bosch
  • Giant (Yamaha)
  • Bionx
  • Shimano STePS


Lithium Ion Battery Shipping: $50 plus postage (includes all shipping materials)

  • Consumers can no longer drop off e-bike batteries at UPS or FedEx, they must be shipped through a certified hazmat broker (like us!)


Battery Condition Test (requires charger):

  • Basic $20 (tests if battery is safe and usable)
  • Advanced $40 (detailed battery condition readout)


Battery Rebuild $300-500