Bicycle Tunes & Repairs

Every repair we do starts with a FREE safety inspection, with no obligation.

Come in and hang out. Enjoy a coffee. Make yourself at home. We are a friendly neighborhood bike shop that is dedicated to providing all of our expertise with none of the attitude, no matter what bike you're on. 
We want to make sure your bike works perfectly for YOU. These are just some of our services, if you would like us to do something you don’t see here, please give us a call or stop by any time!



  • Safety Inspection/Bolt Check
  • Adjust brakes
  • Inspect/adjust headset
  • Adjust derailleurs (geared bike) OR touch up wheels and chain tension (singlespeed)



  • All Basic Tune services
  • True wheels
  • Wash bike and polish frame
  • Lubricate cables, chain, and pivot points 



  • All Standard Tune services
  • Up to 4 cable/housing replacements or hydraulic bleeds (shift, brake, and dropper seatpost)
  • Deep clean cassette, chainrings, and derailleur pulleys
  • Clean and inspect bottom bracket and headset
  • Covers most component upgrades/replacements (PARTS EXTRA)



  • All deluxe tune services
  • Suspension fork lower leg, spring, and damper service
  • Rear shock air can service and damper inspection (Shock damper service if needed is $140-180 via Dirtlabs)
  • Clean, inspect, and reassemble suspension linkage.
  • Refresh tubeless sealant
  • Suspension parts typically $45-125


SUSPENSION SERVICE - 25% off winter special!

  • Fork lowers service (50 hour) $60 (reg. $80)
  • Fork lowers, air spring, and damper bleed $75 (reg. $100)
  • Fork Overhaul (lowers, air spring, damper rebuild) $97.50 (reg. $130)
  • Rear shock air can service $30 (reg. $40) 
  • Parts typically add $20-75


Tube change (flat tire) $10

Quick “while you wait” adjustments $5-30

Tubeless Setup $15-25 plus parts

Custom wheel builds $65 per wheel

Bike Build (from a box) $75-125

Custom Bike Build (frame-up) $250