Orbea Optima E40 eBikeMotion

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Your eyes don't deceive you! This bike might look like a cruiser, but this one has a hidden cruise control. Optima is a bike designed from the ground-up to be an e-bike, but to feel and look like a conventional cruiser. It's light, intuitive, and sleek, and the assist from the rear hub motor ranges between a gentle tailwind to a healthy boost, easily switched from the stealthy control unit. 

Maybe the best part about the Optima is what isn't there--which is all the extra weight and bulkiness that usually comes with an e-bike. It's considerably lighter than any other cruiser-style e-bike we've ridden, and the weight is all very centally-balanced, so the bike handles well, and is easy to load into a car or onto a rack. Come check it out--you might even forget what you're riding. 

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