Giant Pre Balance Bike

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Learning to balance and ride a bike has never been easier. With a lightweight aluminum frame that’s designed with a low standover height, Pre inspires young riders to get rolling. Made with 12-inch wheels and a quick-adjust saddle, it’s the perfect way to begin their cycling adventures.

When are they ready to ride?

Of course it will vary by height and motor skill development, but when they are comfortably walking and can rest their feet flat on the ground while sitting on the saddle, they are ready to give it a go! It's a good idea to leave the bike hanging around with the rest of their toys, and when they feel like it, guide them through (slowly) walking forwards under your control. Then, once they start to understand how to turn and stop, raise the seat up to just above where their feet lay flat--this lets them get the "stride" down, while still allowing them to stop and stand. If you have a carpeted or grassy area, even better. Remember, it's totally OK if they don't get it right away, or even if they have no interest in riding for a while. We've all taken plenty of falls, and we still love bikes!

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