Liv Embolden 2 Trail Bike

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This bike is available for in-store pickup on a special order basis. To confirm availability, please contact us.


A common sight in Colorado (or anywhere with good singletrack) is a top-shelf bike on top of a used car that may or may not be older than its driver. There's nothing wrong with a frugal ride, but if you'd rather leave a little more room in your budget for, well, anything else, the Stance has your back. By using their low-fuss FlexPoint suspension design and a careful selection of durable and worthy components, Liv has has built a LOT of bike for not a lot of dough. It has all the goods that are often found only on more expensive bikes:

  • Dropper seatpost (this is a big one. Riding with a dropper makes a massive difference)
  • Tubeless tires with a great tread. The Maxxis Ardent has proven to be one of the most versatile tires ever made. 
  • Air-spring adjustable suspension so you can make your ride perfect for you.
  • Modern trail geometry
  • Hydraulic disc brakes

If you know you want to ride, but aren't sure where to go, we are happy to recommend a trail that we think will be a perfect fit. All of us live, speak, and ride mountain bikes, and we're always thrilled to grow the sport.

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