Devinci Spartan Carbon 29 GX12 DEMO SALE

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Need a rocket bike that's at home on downhill trails, but doesn't completely suck to climb a trail with? A "downcountry" bike, if you will? Check out the Spartan. It has LOTS of travel (170mm front, 160mm rear) on a poppy, progressive platform, and the kind of long & slack geometry that loves going fast, but it climbs surprisingly well for such a big bike. This size MD was in our demo fleet for a short amount of time, and is in like new condition. It only got rented a few times, and has been tuned up, so it's essentially a better-than-new bike for a great price. New it was $5529, our price on the demo bike is $3800 before sales tax. 

Please email with any questions, we are all avid mountain bikers and are happy to talk your ear off about this or any other bike. 

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