Cleary Owl 20" 3 Speed

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The Owl is a lightweight kids bike for girls or boys which weighs just 19 pounds. Expert bike geometry centers weight between the rider’s hands and seat, which creates a stable, quick-handling bike. Seat height and reach to the handlebars (with child-specific hand brakes) are adjustable with one bolt to easily optimize the fit. Cleary doesn't just make kids' bikes, they design them to be fun, durable, and safe.

The 3-speed owl is powered by an internally-geared hub which will enable your child to climb up steeper hills and move faster on flat ground, and will shift easily no matter how many times it gets dropped or crashed. 

Approximate sizing for Cleary Kids' bikes:

Gecko (12") ages 2-5

Hedgehog (16") ages 4-8

Owl (20") ages 7-10

Meerkat (24") ages 9-12

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