SloHi Coffee + Bike, Denver, CO

Ski Lab

Treat yo' skis! an exfoliation (base grind), mani/pedi (edge sharpen/de-tune), and hot wax (hot wax)! We will be taking in skis and boards soon, to make sure you're ready for opening day. Services include:

Basic Ski OR Snowboard Tune - $40

  • Base grind

  • Hand edge/detune

  • Wintersteiger all temperature hot wax

Full Ski OR Snowboard Tune - $60

  • Basic tune PLUS:
  • P-tex fill of all major scrapes and gouges

  • Extra base grind passes as needed

Deburr/Detune and Wax - $25

  • AKA New ski tune. Some places call this "edge and wax" but it won't really get a good, sharp edge unless your skis are in very good shape.

Topsheet Repair - $10-20+

What we CAN'T DO:

  • Binding mounts/re-mounts, or any DIN setting
  • Major coreshot fills (larger than a nickel or so)

  • Repair broken edges


SloHi Coffee Co.

4436 West 29th Ave.
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SloHi Bike Co.

4434 W 29th Ave.
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