SloHi Coffee + Bike, Denver, CO

Feature Items

  • Yuba Boda Boda V3 - 2017

    Pack up your munchkins, a picnic, a couple lawn chairs, and a full sized umbrella for your next beach day: the Boda Boda V3 can carry all of it and then some. This… [more]

  • Yuba Double Stand

    Cargo safety is essential — this is why Yuba made the best double kickstand on the market. The Boda Boda Double Stand is what makes the entire difference between Yuba… [more]

  • Yuba Spicy Curry Bosch - 2018

    The award-winning Spicy Curry electric cargo bike now with state-of-the-art Bosch eBike performance system capable of serious climbing and unparalleled range. Parents… [more]

  • Xtracycle Edgerunner 8e

    Not outer space, silly. Cargo space on your bike. You will be amazed how far a bike can take you. Together we can take care of this blue-green planet we call home. Our… [more]

  • Yuba Leg-Up

    Yuba's Leg-Up gives your little traveling companions a place to perch their feet when you're riding about town. This foot support attaches to The Mundo V4.0 and elMundo… [more]


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SloHi Coffee Co.

4436 West 29th Ave.
Denver, CO 80212


Mon - Sat: 6am - 3pm
Sun: 7am - 3 pm

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SloHi Bike Co.

4434 W 29th Ave.
Denver, CO 80212


Tue - Fri: 9am-6pm
Sat: 9am - 5pm
Sun: 9am - 4pm
Mon: Closed

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